Learn to Meditate Series 
Led by Bhakta or Niranjan
Upcoming dates 2019
Series cost: $108

Group meditation will follow the traditional satsang format. There will be an opening of the program, a brief teaching or quote with time for Q&A, followed by a chant or japa (mantra repetition out loud), then we will meditate and have time for journaling and sharing. 

Satsang means: "In community with seekers of the truth".  It is out of the greatest gratitude that I am able to offer these satsangs, to bring to you the potent teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism. I have been authorized to lead these satsangs and bring you the rich teachings of this tradition by my teacher Swami Nirmalananda. These satsangs are an official extension of Swami Nirmalananda's ashram, Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram.

For more information on Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati and Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram visit. www.svaroopavidya.org 

There is no prerequisite for satsang. Everyone is welcome. 

Check the Events/Workshop page for upcoming Chant & Meditation dates and our potluck/yoga discussion dates.

 Meditation 101

Satsang  led by  Niranjan


Please contact me with any questions. 
Niranjan 612-730-0837

Yoga At The Well

In the Yoga Sutra's, one of yoga's formost texts, patanjali says, "Yogas chittah vritti nirodhah" (Yoga is the stilling of the mind.) Normally in the west we are taught that yoga means "union" but Patanjali says that yoga is the stilling of the mind. In our society we also associate yoga with asana (yoga poses) but out of the 196 sutra's in the Yoga Sutras Patanjali only mentions poses twice, once to say that the pose is steady and comfortable and the other is that you should soften into the pose. Both are in relation to the seated pose used for meditation.

Meditation is the pinnacle of all of yoga's practices. There are numerous physical and mental benefits to meditation including: Stress reduction, relief from depression and anxiety, decreases restless thinking, improves sleep, enhances your immune system, decreases risk for heart disease, etc. These are all great reasons to meditate but yoga promises more. In this meditation series you will learn the benefits beyond the mere physical benefits.

This three week meditation series called "Learn To Meditate" includes:

  • Talks on the goal of meditation.
  • The mind.
  • The lineage where these teachings come from.
  • Question and Answer time.
  • Coaching on obstacles you may have in meditation.

You will learn deep & easy techniques guaranteed to lead you deep into meditation bringing about an easy and effective internal shift.