Yoga At The Well

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"All the practices of yoga turn your attention inward, specfically for you to find and experience your own presence within yourself."  
                                                                           --Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati 

Svaroopa is a Sanskrit word found in the yoga text's that means: the experience of abiding in your own essential nature. Svaroopa® yoga is a practice for opening your body (roopa) to find your Self (sva).  

why svaroopa?

Originated by Swami Nirmalananda, Svaroopa® yoga uses

precise alignment with a compassionate approach to cultivate

'Core Opening'.

The practice creates a "core opening" or "core release" by

releasing the tensions in the deepest layers of your body. 

Dissolving these tensions allows you to live with ease, both in

your body and in your deeper Self.  This all happens without

sweat or strain because Svaroopa® yoga is not exercise. Our

practice is at a slower pace allowing time for the release and

the integration of new openings. When practicing Svaroopa® yoga we delve into our body as if opening a precious gift carefully wrapped in many layers. 

This powerfully transformative practice can be experienced with just a few poses.  The poses (asana's) can seem quite simple but are amazingly effective.  

They begin by releasing the muscles connected to your tailbone which will realign your whole body from the inside outward. 
When the muscles along your spine release your spine decompresses and naturally lifts and lengthens. With less tension throughout the body, your vital systems find their natural balance.Your mood changes; becoming happier and lighter, your mind becomes still. Then you experience svaroopa.
Along with the physical benefits, Svaroopa® yoga pursues the deeper purpose of yoga - the experience of your own inherent joy and bliss.The yoga poses open you up to your own inner vastness, expanding your perspective beyond your usual limited sense of self.

Svaroopa® yoga unravels the deep seated layers of tension in your body, to create healing and personal transformation, while opening you to an illuminative inner experience of your own divine essence, which is the goal of all yoga.