Private Svaroopa® yoga asana instruction will give you a direct understanding of this practice and it's underlying principles. 
This is a great way to begin the Svaroopa yoga practice allowing plenty of time for questions and clarity.
The benefit of this session will also help you in the group classes by giving you familiarity of how we work with the yoga poses.  
This is an instruction of poses for use in class and can be tailored for a home practice.

Private Asana Practice 

In this session we don't use yoga poses to dissolve tension, instead we use a guided self inquiry process called Vichara. This is yoga's way of working directly with your mind. Vichara shines light into your blind spots which dissolves thinking patterns that bind you, helping you to shed layers of mental tension giving you clarity and peace of mind. 

Note: Vichara sessions can be done in person or on the phone.

Support equals release. Get even more support in the Svaroopa yoga poses and experience new openings. In his session Svaroopa® yoga's therapeutic techniques are applied to our yoga poses. Most of your aches, pains and problems originate in spinal tension. Svaroopa® yoga gives you core opening, the decompression of your spine. Watch your problems melt away as bliss arises within and overflows into your heart and into your life.

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy (in yoga poses)

This unique hands-on yoga therapy rapidly advances your personal healing process. 

Svaroopa® yoga's Embodyment decompresses your spine, simultaneously freeing your body and, on multiple levels within (your body, mind, and more). Discover a profound experience of Consciousness that heals you on all levels.

You rest, supported in Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose, while the therapist facilitates the deep release of tensions along the core of your body. 


These sessions target the tensions that specifically cause neck and shoulder problems. Svaroopa® yoga targets and dissolves your core tensions. As soon as you experience this physical release, you realize that something has opened through your whole being.

Reap the most profound results from your very first experience of Svaroopa® yoga. Our poses and practices remove the blocks to your inherent health, joy and spirituality. Enjoy the multidimensional results promised by the ancient sages, delivered in our modern age.

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy for Your Neck and Shoulders 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga At The Well

Private Session Rates:

single session $75,
3 session package $210, 6 session package $390
Overlap Healing 10 session package $595

The Power of Vichara

Learn effective practices that relieve the cause of pain. These sessions focus on learning and maintaining a home practice that provides you with lasting changes. Medicine excels at three things: emergency care, surgery and biochemistry. Yet medicine’s failures include many common maladies all of which Svaroopa® yoga excels at treating. You really can take charge of your own healing for most conditions, or use yoga as a valuable adjunct to your medical care.

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy for Treating Pain