Yoga At The Well

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions (1 hour)

Private Yoga sessions and Yoga Therapy can be held on-line or, in person at my home or yours. I am currently located in Lakewood, Colorado.

Get the benefit of 6 or more yoga classes in one private session! A powerful method of facilitating changes in your body and mind. Yoga Therapy brings a greater sense of awareness and consciousness to your body. As a result of this increased awareness, you will feel more enlivened and the areas of your body that were previously tight will open-up increasing your ease and flexibility and freedom from pain.

The benefits include improved digestion, relief from pain (including back pain, neck & shoulder pain) relief from knee problems; high blood pressure, migraine headaches, spinal and/or disk problems, depression, anxiety…and more.
These Yoga Therapy sessions are appropriate for anyone wanting to go deeper with their yoga and for anyone wanting relief from aches or pain (physical or mental/emotional).


Vichara is a self-inquiry process that uses a series of questions that unravel the knots in your mind. All of yoga’s practices are ultimately for your mind, this is yoga's way of working directly with your mind. Vichara shines light into the patterns that cause your mind to get stuck in repetitive thinking patterns that cause you pain and problems. The clarity that Vichara provides will give you a new outlook on life and will make everything easier to handle.

Note: Vichara sessions can be done in person or on the phone.


Learn effective practices that relieve the cause of pain. These sessions focus on learning and maintaining a home practice that provides you with lasting changes. Medicine excels at three things: emergency care, surgery and biochemistry. Yet medicine’s failures include many common maladies all of which Svaroopa® yoga excels at treating. You really can take charge of your own healing for most conditions, or use yoga as a valuable adjunct to your medical care.


Support equals release. Get even more support in yoga poses than you do in class and experience new openings! Watch your problems melt away as bliss arises within and overflows into your heart and into your life. You are propped and aligned in every pose to your body’s specific needs for maximum benefit. Therapeutics are applied that take you even deer into the poses. These poses along with therapeutics applied remove the blocks to your inherent health, joy and spirituality. Reap profound results from your very first yoga therapy session!

Embodyment®  Yoga Therapy

This unique hands-on yoga therapy modality rapidly advances your personal healing process and gives you a profound experience of relaxation. You rest, supported in Shavasana (yoga's relaxation pose) while the therapist facilitates the deep release of tensions along the core of your body. This core opening allows prana (your life force) to flow unimpeded throughout your body's systems fully enlivening you from inside-out. Your natural state of balance is restored and you rest in the bliss of your being.​​

Yoga Therapy

Private Session Rates:

Single session $75

3 session package $210

6 session package $390

Overlap Healing 10 session package $595

PRIVATE ASANA  (poses) Instruction

Private asana instruction will give you a direct understanding of this practice and it's underlying principles. 
This is a great way to begin the Svaroopa yoga allowing plenty of time for questions and clarity.
The benefit of this session will also help you in the group classes by giving you familiarity of how we work with the yoga poses.  
This is an instruction of poses can be tailored for your home practice.